Jodi Fung, an active creativist, successfully blends her intellectual, social and artistic talents into everything she endeavors. Outlets for her accomplishments, all of which encompass her vision and resourcefulness, range from the ordinary to the sublime, from acting and modeling to entrepreneurism and philanthropy.

jodi with hood sweater (1)Jodi is Founder and President of The Sirens Society, a unified voice of proactive women who positively influence the world through business and philanthropy. Jodi is also a successful entrepreneur and owns Lipprication, the maker of Lipp Lube, an industry preferred matte lip balm.

Leaving behind a promising career in broadcast journalism as a television reporter, Jodi moved to Los Angeles to pursue a different calling, one that also happened to be in front of the camera. Building upon her accolades in theater, commercials and modeling, Jodi successfully forayed television and motion pictures.

Once Jodi builds an enterprise where it can sustain itself, she indomitably sets forth on another venture that exhibits her incredible range of interests and goals. What separates Jodi from her peers is that she is always seeking new learning opportunities so that she may find innovative ways to better the world every day.


lipp_lubeOne day Jodi just decided to make a lip balm that both her male and female friends could use. Something not too shiny, smelled and tasted good, and would make everyone’s lipps delectable. So with her cosmetic knowledge, a mixture of recipes, and her spirit guides, she cooked up a batch over the stove and sent one to friends and family for the holidays. The response was “where can we buy more?!”  Thus lipprication was born. Click here to visit the site.


The FILManthropy Festival is a unique philanthropic film festival that honors the film makers who use film as a medium to help make the world a better place, celebrates their work, and raises funds for the causes and organizations that they are passionate about and that are touched on in the films.

FILManthropy Festival is a canvas for instigating and inspiring change. Our objective is to showcase films that inspire, educate, raise awareness and motivate so that the audience may, through their eyes, open their minds and their hearts to creating a better world for all. Click here to visit the FILManthropy site.

sirenslogo_newƒThe Sirens Society™ is a non-profit organization that affects positive change in the world by volunteering time and energy to benefit causes that are on the forefront of attention as well as those that are overlooked. Thus the Sirens help, through business, the fortunate and able, so they can help, through philanthropy, the less fortunate and the less able. Please click here to visit the site.